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Skaramaga Shipyard

Skaramanga Shipyard (see chart)

Hellenic Shipyard Co. (www.hellenic-shipyards.gr) is situated between the Port of Piraeus and Eleusis Bay. The shipyard is eight miles by road from Athens and seven miles from Piraeus.

Skaramanga shipyard offers three floating docks with the following main features:


Main Particulars

Floating Dock I

Floating Dock II

Floating Dock III

Lifting Capacity

30.000 tons

22.000 tons

25.500 tons

Docking Capaciry

72.000 tons

37.000 tons

60.000 tons

Length O.A.

826 ft.

673 ft.

760 ft.

Length on keel blocks

760 ft.

605 ft.

693 ft.

Breadth Inside Banks

121 ft.

105 ft.

111 ft.

Breadth Outside Banks

147 ft.

129 ft.

136 ft.

Height of waterline above keel blocks

28 ft.

28 ft.

28 ft.


Skaramanga is the largest shipyard in Greece and one of the largest in the Mediterranean, active in shiprepairs, ship conversions and shipbuilding of both commercial and naval vessels, all under strict project management. The yard offers a well-equipped machine shop impressive blasting and tank coating, and know-how and experience.

The yard is particularly renowned for carrying out all kinds of sophisticated or challenging rudder and tail shaft works.
: Same restrictions as Eleusis port.



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