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Eleusis is located on the Saronikos Gulf to the southeast of the mainland, 24 kms from Piraeus.
The Main Port (see chart) operates as a commercial port only, offering a 300-metre quay with 80 metres width which can accommodate vessels with drafts ranging from 5.50 to 8.00 metres. General cargo and scrap iron are the main cargoes handled.

There are also some other important quays around the main port of Eleusis:

About 3 kms before the town of Eleusis, Halivourgiki Co. operates a private pier 180 metres long and with depths from 26 to 36 feet. This facility is equipped with four shore cranes offering an average discharge rate of 6,000 tph. The quay is used for the loading/discharging of iron ore.

Loading/discharging of fluid chemicals or fluid gas is carried out by Petrogas Co. to its private pier, which is 35metres long and has 15 feet depth.

Cement exporter TITAN Company (www.titan-cement.com) exports cement and also operates a private pier about 600 metres from the quays of the main port. Loading is by means of silo with closing hatches.

EL.PE.-Eleusis Refineries (formerly Petrola), which belongs to Hellenic Petroleum S.A., operates private docks 4 kms from the centre of Eleusis town. Its facilities include:

- Jetty II: for vessels up to 500.000 dwt (five berths)

- Jetty for LPG vessels (one berth)

- Jetty Q: for vessels of 4,000 DWT (one berth)

- Jetty T: for vessels of 4,000 DWT (one berth)

- Other loading stations: for vessels of 4,000 dwt (four berths)


All vessels proceeding to Eleusis Bay have to pass via the Strait of Salamis Channel (Atalante Channel), in daylight hours only, with maximum draught of 10.90 metres, or via the Poros Megaron Channel, with maximum draught of 7.9 metres. In both channels a pilot is compulsory. In addition, tug escorts are compulsory for vessels over 120 metres LOA transiting the Strait of Salamis, with ships lines being used. Under special circumstances and by prior arrangement with the agent and authorities, transit is possible at night - but is very difficult to get permission.




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