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Aspropirgos Refinery

Aspropirgos Refinery (see chart)

Aspropyrgos is situated to the north-east of Eleusis Bay ( 3802' N/02335'E). This port is a tanker terminal operated by EL.PE (www.hellenic-petroleum.gr/online/index.aspx). The jetty extends 170 metres west from the shore, close to the refinery, and provides two berths with depth of alongside of 11.80 metres. The eastern berth is equipped with three 8-inch mechanically operating arms for crude oil and oil products.

The western berth is equipped with four 8-inch mechanically operating arms for oil products. Both berths accept vessels up to 220 metres LOA and up to 60,000 dwt.

There is also an LPG berth midway between the two oil jetties (depth 7.2 metres and LOA 115 metres) for loading LPG and refined products.

To access Aspropirgos Terminal ships must pass via the Strait of Salamis Channel (Atalante channel), in daylight hours only (maximum draft is 10.90 metres) or via Poros Megaron Channel (maximum draft 7.9 metres). A pilot is compulsory in both channels and tug escorts are compulsory for vessels over 120 metres LOA transiting the Strait of Salamis, when ships' lines are used. Under special circumstances and by prior arrangement with the agent and authorities, transit is permitted at night.
Same restrictions as Eleusis port.

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